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Professional Organizations
  • Memberships in Society of American Magicians
  • Society of American Magicans National Organization
  • Society of American Magicans Assembly #4 Organization
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 165
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 6
  • Magicians Allience of Eastern States
  • KIDabra International (Membership only for KIDshow and Family performers)
  • KIDabra International Chapter #1
  • Delaware Knights of Magic

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  • Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA
    (A regular performer for Years!)

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not thrilled, happy, or satisfied with the performance in any way, just say so, and it won't cost you a cent! I've had this policy for a long time and no one has been disappointed in my show!!! This is not a typo! This guarantee is important when you realize that no other entertainers in the area offer one.
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